SUNDAY SCHOOL || 9 AM || Classroom B

Join us each week for Sunday School for all children in grades K-6th. Through our curriculum GROW, we explore God and His infinite wonder and love each month with a new and different topic/theme.

CHILDREN'S CHURCH || during 10 AM worship service || Classroom B

Join us each week for Children’s Church, which runs during our main worship service. Kids who want to be part of Children's Church will be dismissed after the Children’s Moment and may be picked up after our worship service ends. On the Sundays where we partake of communion, kids will return to the sanctuary in time to partake of the elements.


This month we look at stories of the Old Testament prophets as we show kids God that cares about our BIG feelings. With God, we can all feel secure, comforted, valued and loved, even when our emotions tell us otherwise.

Our kids music ministry is off to a wonderful start. They meet right after worship on Sundays and are already under way preparing for their first performance on Sunday, October 9 during worship.

Childcare/Nursery is available during all Sunday morning activities (Sunday school, Bible studies, worship). It is located in Classroom C (the room on the right, past the kitchen.)

Throughout the year, we also host a variety of special events and activities for children and families. Stay up to date on our Events page. If you have questions or have interest in volunteering in any capacity, contact our Family Ministry Coordinator Megan Wetzel.